2.Available Payment Options – Deposits vs. Withdrawals

If you want to play real money casino games, you will at some point have to deposit money into your player account. I know from past experience that this should be made as easy and swift as possible, especially for a new player who isn’t comfortable with the process. It is important to look at the various payment options offered by casinos as well as the fees that are attached to deposits. I look for operators that are free from extra charges with a variety of payment methods.


Nothing annoys more than an online casino that takes an unreasonable process time, especially when it comes to withdrawals. Withdrawals should be quick and effortless into the account of your choice, I prefer a direct deposit into my PayPal account, but this is because I have been with the same casino for a few years and trust their process. Other withdrawal options include credit or debit card or e-wallets.

3.Customer Support

When using any online company customer support can make or break the relationship between customer and company. With online casinos this couldn’t be more true. Where real money is being transferred I need to know that there is a dedicated support team to help me with any queries which I may have. Depending on the location of the online casino different option may be available, such as free off charge phone calls, email or live chat. Response time should be kept within hours and not days.

4.Game Play

When playing for real money, gameplay is as important to the experience as winning money. I find that when I am enjoying myself in the game, even if I lose I will continue playing. Gameplay throughout the many online casinos does not differ much. Although there are hundreds of software providers, there are only a handful that power the great majority of casinos. This means that the game play will generally be the same regardless of which casino you settle at.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules the particular game. For example , although there are many variations to the game of poker the rules essentially remain the same. Make sure you know which variation of the game you are playing before putting your cash on the one.

I always suggest playing in practice mode until you are ready to move on to the Real Money mode. During this period you can improve your gameplay and work on your strategy. Working on your strategy is another important factor. I’ve spent years developing my own strategy which I use to reduce the house advantage. Learning even basic strategy will help a lot in the long run.

5.Return to Player Percentage

A useful tool to look at when assessing how fair a particular game is, is to look at the RTP. Return to Player is the percentage that is returned to players across game categories during a specific time period. A high RTP will show that there is some level of fairness to the game and that you aren’t just losing all the time, which is obviously very attractive to me, the player, who’s not only here to play but also to win. The RTP for each game is usually found in the game rules on the casino website. Furthermore, the companies that truly value the fairness of the games will use external testing agencies or provide an analysis of the RNG (random number generator) as well as their RTP.

Important Insider Tip
Make use of the Casino’s software that allows you to keep track of your transaction history. The support centre can be called upon should you have any difficulties with this.

Advantages of Playing Real Money Online Casino Games

  • Win Real Cash – This is the first and most obvious benefit and is a lot more fun than winning in demo mode!
  • Convenience – You can comfortably enjoy your favourite real money casino games from wherever you choose to log into your account.
  • No waiting in line – In the virtual world multiple players can play the same slot machine game online. No waiting for a seat to become available!
  • Play on the move – Play your favourite casino games for real money while you are on the move using your smartphone or tablet. Just remember to keep your log-in details safe in case your device gets stolen.
  • Promotional Benefits – Real money players are continuously rewarded with promotional offers and loyalty schemes that cannot be matched by land-based casinos due to their much higher overhead costs.
Important Did you Know?
Online casinos are notorious for huge payouts. Jon Heywood’s name appears in the Guinness book of records. His incredible win of €17,879,645 on the 6th of October, 2015 earned the lucky Brit the title of the largest online slot jackpot winner ever. What better reason is there to play for real money?